Genetic Algorithms for scheduling barges in the port of Rotterdam


RotterTablix is a modification of Tablix for a barge-scheduling problem in the port of Rotterdam. Quite a few modifications have been made in src/ that wouldn't fit the normal Tablix and all but one fitness/grade-module has been made from scratch. The input/output files have been modified, you'll need specific (un-documented) rottertablix-specific XML files to get this baby working.


You probably got this from:

Thanks goes out to Tomaz (see AUTHORS!) for building this very useful tool. Tablix was easy enough to extend, and although there was a minor lack of variable naming it was better code than I would have written. Now it's just a mess, but it (still) works :-)

Naturally this derivative of Tablix is licensed under the GNU GPL. See COPYING for details.

Please note that this 'merely' a university project atm. Don't use it in your own port yet. It'll probably cost lives and your job in the process.

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